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Take me far away where I can be alone
Don't make me do what you want me to do
Don't make me do what I want to do
Don't make me
Leave me alone
Tortured environments could be mine
Are mine
Were mine
Been mine for so long
Victim or not?
Never a victim
Always the cause
Still the cause
I am the cause
I am not the victim
Victimization can only take hold if that's what I desire
I did desire
But victimization only took hold in my mind
Your mind shapes your fears
Your mind shapes your hopes
Your mind shapes your dreams
Your mind shapes who you are
Should it?
In my mind
I thought it was safe
I thought I could say anything, feel anyway, do anything in my mind
Not so
Has this wish of victimization caused my desire to come true?
Cause my fear to come true?
Is it true victimization or pity I search for?
Is it sympathy or empathy I look for?
Always the cause
Never any different
My fault?
Or yours?
You made me who I am
Who I was
Good and bad
Your words spoke of great hopes, dreams, morals, and values
Your actions showed everything but
Your set of standards are different than mine
Your set of standards for me were different that your set of standards for you
Your understanding of life is extensive in meaningless and harmful things
You have lived but in what sense?
Does hurt, anger, fear, resentment, disappointment, despair, and agony define living?
I always thought you wanted me to live
Perhaps you wanted me to die
If I didn't live your life through me, I wasn't living
If I didn't agree with your decisions and judgment, I was wrong
I refuse to allow myself to be victimized by you
You don't deserve the credit
You don't deserve any acknowledgment at all
Acknowledgment must be earned
You earned only your own disappointment and nothing more
Your name does not claim me
Your name does not make me
I refuse to be you
I will break this chain if it kills me
It will kill me if this chain does not loosen
I don't blame you for my hurt
I blame you for not being there to hold me when i hurt
I don't blame you for my hate
I blame you for not showing me love
I will be free
It must be soon
Before I die
Before I die
Take Me Away by Boogdawoog
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Submitted on
January 31, 2008
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